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Meet Arlo

Located in Downtown Norfolk, VA, Arlo proudly designs and directs the visual look and feel of board games as Art Director of Hobby and Family/Party Games for The Op Games. He has worked in the board game industry since 2013 and is excited about his contribution and ability to bring smiles into the homes of people through board game design.

Arlo has worked in the creative field since 2010 and while he enjoys all types of graphic design his passion is in board game design, licensed and non-licensed games alike. He has worked on an number of successful games including Court of the Dead – Mourners Call, Blank Slate – The Game Where Great Minds Think Alike, Mountains out of Molehills, Monopoly®: Game of Thrones™ , National Parks editions of Jenga® and Trivial Pursuit®, Trivial Pursuit® Ultimate: Harry Potter™, and Yahtzee®: Back to the Future™ to name a few.

Collaboration with teams, clients and IP holders are not strange to him. Having a multidisciplinary design understanding helps immensely to understand and identify the different needs of design.
When Arlo “unplugs” from technology he likes to spend his time outdoors with his lovely wife and four-legged friend.

~Wolfgang “Arlo” Hitzemann

Passion Project

Environmental Friendly Bamboo Coasters

We’ve all seen the pressed cardboard coaster — they’re everywhere these days. Some of us collect them. Some re-use them a couple of times. But let’s be honest… 90% of the time they are disposed of, or your dog thinks they are delicious snacks when you’re not looking.

Waste no more! These coasters are built to last. My goal is to create a coaster that people resonate with, collect and keep around not just to protect your furniture, but to enjoy their beauty as a piece of art, and oh – yea – they’re environmentally friendly too!  Connect with me to bring your coaster idea to life.